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welp this is about it...

1. Your name? Donnie
2. Your age? 15
3. Where are you from? washington
4. Eye color? blue
5. Your sexual identity? pansexual(age, looks, gender, it means nothing, i can only hope to find love)
6. 3 things you’re terrified of? spiders, loud noises, and clowns
7. Diagnosed with anything? bipolar disorder, anxiety, insomnia, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
8. Ever visited a different country? Canada and Mexico
9. Have any siblings? 3 half brothers, 1 adoptive brother, 1 adoptive sister, 2 step-brothers
10. Anyone you miss? my birth mom
11. Was today a good day? yea
12. How many people have you dated? 5
13. What was your first date like? awkward
14. What would you like to do as a career? I want to be a nurse, but art is my true passion
15. 3 favorite movies? insidious, nightmare on elm street, and amityville horror
16. 3 favorite TV shows? ridiculousness, adventure time, sponge bob
17. Your current favorite video game/s? i have quite a few
18. Your favorite childhood video game/s?mario bros, super mario bros 1,2,3 super mario world.
19. Your favorite childhood TV show/s?catdog
20. Your favorite childhood movie/s? anything disney
21. Have you ever led anybody on or been led on? I've been led on
22. Ever had your heart broken? yes
23. Is it hard for you to get over things? sometimes
24. Do you get jealous easily? not really
25. Do you prefer being taken or single? taken
26. 5 facts about the person you like? i don't like any one right now
27. 5 facts about the person you hate? i try not to hate just strongly dislike
28. 5 facts about your best friend? she is always there for me, we are both strange, i know her darkest secrets, she is short, and she is a heart breaker
29. 5 facts about your ex? he cheated, he was one of my oldest friends, he was 6'3", i loved him, and i used to trust him
30. 5 facts about yourself? i'm strange,i love music, art is my soul, i'm a klutz, and you need patience to get to know me fully
31. Your 3 biggest regrets? not saying i love you enough, not fully enjoying every second of life, and letting myself be sad constantly
32. Last thing you ate? bacon breakfast wrap with hot-sauce and salsa
33. Anybody you think about everyday? my birth mom
34. Have you ever hit anybody? yes, i hit if i've been hit first
35. Has anybody ever told you they can’t live without you? no
36. What was your first kiss like? bad, we had no idea what we were doing
37. Are you a virgin? no...
38. Are you a morning person or are you nocturnal? nocturnal
39. Weirdest place you’ve had sex/would like to have sex? a bus : /
40. What was your favorite song last summer? bewitched by blood on the dance floor
41. Ever taken illegal drugs? If so what ones? no illegal drugs
42. Your earliest memory? my adoption
43. Who did you/would you like to lose your virginity to? my third ex
44. What was the last dream you had about? being with my true love
45. What was the last nightmare you had about? falling off a cliff
46. Do you have any fetishes? i love being pet, i know its strange
47. Who was your first love? a boy named jake
48. Ever dumped anybody? yes, only because he cheated
49. Why did you and your ex break up? he cheated
50. 3 people you’d like to meet most? my birth dad, my future room mate, and kellin quinn,
51. 3 things you’d like to do before you die? visit the7 world wonders, save a life, and jump off a bridge because my friends did
52. Tumblr or Facebook?tumblr
53. The last thing you bought? a bag of gummy worms
54. What was your last holiday like? ok
55. Would you date the last person you kissed? no
56. Have you ever had sex with somebody you weren’t dating? no : /
57. Ever cheated or been cheated on? cheated on
58. Ever had sex with more than one person at one time? nope
59. Would you ever enter into a long distance relationship? yea..
60. Tell us a secret? i love to do special effects makeup

now I’ve been procrastinating about doing this for a while so i think now is the time to start. hi im crimson and im going to post my life on here for you to read, i really hope i can follow through

crazylazykat said: Hiii im kat Thank you for following my face and lame blog I really appreciated it =3. I have a question for you Zombie or unicorn? Hope you have a wonderful day byee :D

Hi Kat, I’m donnie! Your welcome, I really enjoyed what I saw, and I can’t wait to see more! I chose a zombie-unicorn, I hope you have a great day as well :D